Get started

Before you start

Site Kit depends on Nuxt 3 and Tohama. We highly recommend that you get an idea on how they work to get the best developer experience.


Create a .npmrc file in the root of your app with the auth token that our team provided you.

// .npmrc


Then, install @dija/gormic-kit-site or add it to your dependencies.

npm i @dija/gormic-kit-site

You may also install other dependencies for better developer experience.

"dependencies": {
    "@dija/gormic-kit-site": "^1.0.0",
    "@dija/tohama-components": "^2",
    "@dija/tohama-plugins": "^2",
    "@dija/tohama-use": "^2",
    "nuxt": "^3",
    "vue": "^3"


Follow the config guide to setup the required configurations.

Kit Modules

Follow the Kit Modules to add additional functionalities.


Now your app is ready to develop and customize.

npx nuxt dev